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hi everyone sorry for the lack of posts. The last few months have been work , work and more work not that I am complaining . And when a free day does come about it rains and ruins my plans. How ever i have managed to tye A few flies on selected evenings.

With christmas a few sleeps away , wat are we all having off the big man. I have a new camera, which i cant wait to use , There will be a few more pictures nxt year. Also a new pair of waders which i needed so badly (and i have droped a size from last year ha ha ).

With a trip planned for the 29th with my good mate kieron, You can look foward to a good post. I hope you all have a wonderfull christmas and tight line for 2012.


local little jewell

This weekend saw me and kieron fishing a little local river which we had recently gained membership too. With only a limited number of members allowed we are quite honered to be accepted. So as usual the day started with a breakfast, then the short drive to the river,where we met up with the club secertry who showed us the boundries and what pools were wat. At this point we were both itching to get into our waders and tackle up. After our tour it was time we kitted up and tackled up, our usual setup would not be the case for today as this water is a single fly water.so we tackled up a 9ft 6# with a french leader and a 3mm tungsten jig as the river was flowing with a few extra inches. We made our way down stream and got in then fished back towards the car. Today we decided to go fish for fish, it was kies go first,in with the nymph and a few cast later a lovely grayling of around 6 inches was in the net. At last it was my turn we were in a lovely run with a little eddy on the far side, I ploped the nymph in and carefully watched the indicater for any little changes . Then it suddenly changed direction, the exitment was there like my first ever time on the river the feeling never changes. In the net was a grayling of around 1lb. The fishing carried on being to the same standard for the rest of the day, with both grayling and browns cumming to the net. . I am working this weekend so hoping to get out mid week, When the river shud be running clear and fish even better. Stay tuned for more posts soon



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a new week

Its monday,the start of a new week . Unfortunately  we did not get out this week-end as mother nature put a stop to it with all the rain,it left the river high and coloured.so we decided to leave it till next week.so with a day free I took another shift in work and kieron went stocky bashing.

Over the weekend I received a phone call for membership to a new club which im over the moon with and will be trying out this weekend rain or shine ha.In the mean time to give you all something to keep you occupied why not check out the new feature on the fishtec web site.A new page where fishermen from every where can post pictures of theyre favourite or personal best fish or just share all your catches with every one else .Check it out it is easy to use even I can use it ha .


Weekend Ahoy!

With the weekend fastly approaching,the excitement builds. Shifts in work sorted ive got saturday to my self so me and kie have planned a little trip.A few hours spare in the afternoons this week has lead to some fly tying and the preparation begins.Waders dry and folded nicely,good wader care is a must check this guest post out on Taff Diaries Good Wader Guide, rods and reels ready ,im like a kid honestly its only wednesday.so back to the fly tying ,i have tied a few flies ready for sat  klink hammers and a few f flys and sedges .I had a delivery yesterday morning from http://www.flytyingboutique.com/, a few size 16 and 18 jig hooks.A few of these have been viced with 2.5mm and 3mm slotted beads added to them to create some fish killing patterns,I think im almost there now just gotta bite my finger nails for another couple of days and we will be on the river in no time .

The river wye

So saturday saw me having a day off work.so me and my good mate kieron had decided to make the trip up to the river wye at rhyader.we met in the albion cafe at 07.30,the boy can not go with out a breakfast so after a quick bit of grub and meeting a good friend dean,we made our way.after the short drive and taking in the lovely views of the countryside and nature we arrived on the banks of the wye.Having fished this stretch before we knew the most productive method would be the duo,so i set up my 9ft 4# streamtec with a klink hammer on the dropper and a 2.5mm hares ear on the point and i was on my way.We made our way down river and then fished back towards the car .the first hour was a little slow with kie losing 1 fish at the net,we fished our way up a little then we arrived at a slow long deep pool which on previous occasions had produced a good number of fish,and this time it didn’t let us down my second cast i was into an out of season brown which was returned safely without leaving the water ,few casts later and a good fighting wye grayling to the net.time to step aside and let my master into the water who also took 2 good grayling and then it was deans turn who also took a good grayling,wat a pool.fishing futher up was not as good as that pool ,you just had to look in all the nooks and crannys, runs and eddies and look for features in the water to find th fish. but good fishing all the same with a few more fish in the net.i think we decided to call it a day at the right time as the rain started to come down as we tackled down ,so all in all a good day and a good sign that this is gonna be a good winter. I will  leave u with a few pics of the day.

the killer combo for the day